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5 Tips on Pawning your Jewellery to Get the Best Price

You may decide to pawn your jewellery for any reason. But the primary cause is that you want to raise fast money for something that is very important. You visit a reputable pawnshop near London and apply for a loan against jewellery. The pawnbrokers will estimate the value of your item and decide on the loan amount they are willing to offer. They will keep your diamond or gold jewellery as collateral against the cash loan you received. If you choose trustworthy pawnbrokers like The Luxury Hut in London, you are likely to get the highest possible value for your jewellery piece. The process is simple, fast and hassle-free. You can raise money instantly.

Tips on Pawning your Jewellery

Here are few tips that can help you to get more cash from your jewellery than the amount you actually need.

  • Pawn a quality jewellery item

Jewellery items that are made of gold, platinum, diamonds and other precious gemstones are likely to possess a higher value. Professional online pawnbrokers or pawnshop like The Luxury Hut provides the best possible price for any quality jewellery that is pawned to them.

  • Get it appraised

Browse through the websites of popular pawnbrokers in London that offer a free appraisal service. London pawnbrokers like The Luxury Hut has in-house jewellery specialists. With years of experience and good knowledge of the market trends, they are more likely to offer you the best price for your precious asset.

However, the estimated value depends on several elements. For example, Diamonds come in a varied range of quality. The possible value of a diamond jewellery item depends on the size, carat, clarity, cut, and grade and also the precious metal associated with it.

  • Clean your jewellery piece

Your old jewellery item may have been in storage for a year. It may look dirty and dull. If you clean it, the item will appear new and attractive.

If your jewellery piece is in good condition or received no damage, it will increase the value of your pre-owned jewellery item.

  • Avoid having an unrealistic expectation

The jewellery item that you want to pawn may have worth a lot of money when you purchased it. The emotional value attached to it is only crucial to you. The pawnbrokers will only provide you with a percentage of the item’s actual value.

Classic jewellery items are valuable, particularly the rare old items. You may know about the elements that help to determine the possible value of a jewellery piece. But you should not hope high unless you get it evaluated by expert pawnbrokers. If you expect something unrealistic, it may prevent you from getting a good deal when you pawn your jewellery.

  • Know the loan policy of the pawnshop

Getting a pawn loan to raise immediate money may be a good option for you. But before you pawn your jewellery to a pawnshop, it is essential to understand their loan policy or terms. It may appear easy for you to pay the loan back when you need money. But you may fail to pay off the loan on time for some reason and end up losing your precious asset.

With reliable pawnbrokers in London like The Luxury Hut, you may renew the loan by only repaying the interest. The maximum loan term is usually for seven months. They will provide you with a new contract along with an additional seven months for paying the amount back.

Pawn your Jewellery To The Luxury Hut

When you want to raise cash fast, you can decide to get a loan against jewellery. The Luxury Hut- London pawnbrokers offer secure and transparent pawnbroking service. You can get a fast and easy loan against diamond or loan against gold with no credit checks. Contact us now on 0207 242 5411 to know more about our service or get a free quote for your jewellery item over the phone. At The Luxury Hut, we always work to help our customers receive the maximum price when they pawn jewellery to us.

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