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Get an Easy Gold Loan to Fund your World Tour

If you are planning for a beautiful tour around the world, do not let your expenditures hold you back. A holiday can help to eliminate the stress of your regular hectic life. However, when you set out for a world tour planning, you may find that you are short of cash. But, you do not have to decrease the time duration or cancel it for now. Use your gold jewellery and get an instant gold loan with no hassles.

If you have luxury assets like gold jewellery, you can efficiently use it to raise the money you need.  Choose any trustworthy local pawnbroker and opt for a gold loan with no hassles. Use the cash to fund the cost of your tickets, hotel bills and other expenses involved in your tour, making it a lifetime experience.

Gold Loan to Fund your World Tour

Get an Estimate of your Travel Expenses

You first have to determine the amount of money you need to fund your world tour. You can make a full travel budget by following these steps:

  • Research on your destinations

You can go through the various travel websites or guidebooks. This will help you to collect some information about the places that you want to visit. You make a list of things that you have planned to do there along with their probable cost.

  • Estimate your total tour cost

After the research on the places, you want to visit completed, estimate per day and the entire trip cost. It will include tickets of sightseeing, transportation, lodging, meals, visa fees and others. You may also approach any travel agent and ask for a quotation. Just add 20% to 30% to the assessed budget for calculating the total cost of your tour.

  • Raise an instant fund for your tour

Get in touch with a trustworthy local pawnbroker near you and apply for a gold loan. You only have to bring a proof of ID along with your gold items that you want to keep as a pawn. The pawnbroker will determine the accurate value of your items based on the current market price and many other factors including condition, age, weight and others. The pawnbroker will give you a loan offer. If you accept it, you will receive your cash immediately.

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Why is gold loan a better option for you?   

You can secure a loan against gold easily from any reliable pawnbrokers in a hassle-free way. Gold pawnbroking loan is always a good option when you have short-term monetary needs, or you want to raise instant cash.

Here are listed some features of gold loan that make it a better option to opt to fund your world tour:

  • Easy and fast processing

You can apply for a gold loan easily and get instant cash. The process has no complexity. Any Pawnbroker in London or any other big city will evaluate your gold item(s) and provide an accurate estimated value of your jewellery. If you agree to it, you will get your cash immediately.

  • No need of credit history

Pawnbrokers do not carry out any credit checks before approving a loan. They only ask for a proof of ID to reach an agreement.

  • Interest Rates are Low

Gold loan generally charges a lower rate of interest than other kinds of borrowing. It means you will have to pay less money for repaying the loan.

  • Repayments are flexible

You could pay the loan amount by paying off the interest during the loan period and the capital at the end of the loan tenure. One can also choose to pay the interest along with the loan amount at the end of the loan term without paying anything before that.

  • No early retrieval charges

You can retrieve your loan at any time within your loan tenure without having to pay any early retrieval or redemption charges to the pawnbroker.

Thus, this is the time that you start to plan your dream holiday. If you need to raise quick cash to fund your most awaited tour, apply for a loan against gold now.

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