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What is Causing Rolex Prices to Go up Every day?

Rolex is one of the finest watch brands in the watch industry. Each timepiece the brand produces combines high precision and advanced technologies, fetching them universal acclaim. So, producing a watch of this stature and prestige is inherently expensive, adding to the overall cost.

Additionally, Rolex watches have become a great investment option for all such reasons. The popular models fetch a high return value, and you can also take a loan against Rolex to meet your immediate cash needs. But, today we will talk about why the watches are so expensive?

Why Does A Rolex Cost So Much?

Rolex has a reputation for creating expensive watches. Over the years, the watches have become a status symbol that instantly gives an idea about your eminence, success and prestige. Let’s dive in and answer the question now.

5 Reasons That Make Rolex Watches Expensive

Ultimate Luxury

Rolex watches are the epitome of wealth and success. Since its inception, the brand has created some of the best tool watches by pushing the boundaries. For instance, think of the Submariner, Explorer, Milgauss, Daytona, and others. Each watch has a functional purpose. The brand’s dedication and commitment to producing watches that not just look classy but stand out functionally make it the best!

List Price vs. Market Price

Rolex is so much more than just a watch manufacturer. When you hear the word ‘Rolex’, you perceive the person as successful and wealthy. The last couple of years has seen a steady increase in the demand for Rolex timepieces. The popularity of a few Rolex models is so high in the market that collectors are willing to offer double the list price.

List price is what Rolex quotes for a particular model. The market price is what the buyers are willing to offer for the same variant.

This is why we say that Rolex is an asset. Investing in a popular variant like the Submariner or Daytona will always help you financially. The pawnbrokers in London will always offer you a high value if you ever intend to take a loan against watches or loan on Rolex, to be specific.

Creating Icons

A major part of Rolex’s success is the incredible innovations they’ve done over time. The launch of the Submariner or the GMT-Master has been nothing short of extraordinary! Also, speaking from the horological standards, the watches have set a higher standard with their innovative functionalities. All unforgettable watch icons come from Rolex.

Disruptive Supply & Demand

All success stories involve some incredible drama, don’t they? As reports have it, the Swiss luxury manufacturer intentionally restricts the supply of their most desirable models to retain their demand in the market. How much of this is true is a different discussion. But, indeed, there’s a shortage of Rolex watches in the market.

Interested buyers can either stand in the long queue or turn to the secondary market to grab their favourites. The unavailability of the watches causes the prices to increase.

Price Increases

Rolex does a fantastic job of holding its product’s value over time. Moreover, the values of some of the high-demand timepieces appreciate making them great investment pieces. If you’re fortunate enough to purchase a Rolex with great retail demand, you’ll be delighted with the following benefits.

For instance, apart from exuding class and luxury, the watches will appreciate in value every time you wear them. So, if ever comes a time when you need some quick cash to meet your short-term need, you can approach reliable London pawnbrokers to take a loan on Rolex watches.


Various factors result in the higher prices of Rolex timepieces. However, what remains firm is their demand in the market and amongst the collectors. You may own a Rolex and wonder if the prices will go up with time. The answer is yes! Also, the watches can help during sudden financial emergencies where you can easily get a loan against Rolex from pawnbrokers in London.

Rolex makes each of the timepieces for a limited period in limited quantities. So, if you purchase one with high demand, rest assured to enjoy the benefits later!

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